Customer Review: Memorial Hermann Hospice

We received a very nice review from a happy customer and just had to share some of their kind words:

I wanted to let you know that I received the fountain. Thank you very much for making such lovely pieces.  The fountain is more beautiful than in the pictures, and the motor is near silent.

I was slightly nervous that the pump motor would be a tad bit distracting, but it is not.  We have it set up in the “catolarium” (the breakfast area that is really the cats’ room) next to their tree.  

Again, thank you!  The fountain is beautiful.  The packing was the absolute best job I’ve ever seen (and I shop mostly online).  Your instructions were simple and easy to understand- the set up was a breeze.  If you made other products, I would definitely order again.

Thank you, Zyria for the kind words! All the best to you and your furry friends!