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Our kittens just came home with us on Saturday & they took right to the fountain! The little boy, Aragorn, absolutely loves it & the little girl, Arwen, has been slowly gravitating towards it more & more.  Love these!

Jessica Krill

We are loving the fountain! Our old fountain- the filter was noisy and I had to change the water every other day. The Wet Whiskers is great- can barely hear the filter and a time saver changing once a week!

Jill Avalone

I’d give Wet Whiskers all full stars.  They make beautiful and sturdy ceramic fountains–mine reminds me of my Deruta pottery…Packaging was carefully done and mail delivery was timely.  Denise and Mike are very professional in communication and teaching how to maintain a fountain… I especially appreciated that they are real cat people who want their fountains to help cats lead healthier and happier lives.

Dr. Cynthia Curtis

The fountain arrived just as pictured. I’ve got it set up, which was very simple, and its gurgling away just as expected. I’m 150% satisfied with the product and the superb customer service.


For anyone searching for a pet fountain, I highly recommend this product. Not only is it beautiful, but my personal veterinarian recommended I purchase a fountain made from ceramic for pet safety and health instead of a plastic fountain.


Absolutely beautiful fountain. It holds a good amount of water and the cats took to it immediately. Very good communication with seller. Quick and easy purchase/delivery. Thanks Denise!


The experience with this shop was great. Shipping was much faster than expected and very well packaged. The fountain was beautiful and came with plenty of info and instructions to ensure proper use. Our cats are obsessed! Very caring and professional seller, thank you!


I am head over heals with my fountain and food bowls. Both items are stunning. The fountain runs great and looks sleek and beautiful. Thank you!

Naughty Nanas

Really nice craftsmanship, a truly beautiful product. We look forward to many years of enjoyment. Thank you for the love and care in making this fountain and for the care taken in shipping it to us.


The delivery was on time and the package was packed well to protect it. Got a cute small bowl and mat for the fountain. My cat, Kami enjoyed to drink from the dripping water. It was worth to have it for cats. Highly recommend.


Absolutely love this fountain. My cats love it too. It’s beautiful and well made. Denise at Wet Whiskers was more than helpful. I will definitely be purchasing a 2nd one for my house from this company. I highly recommend them!


Oh my! Beautiful product. Awesome service, service like one wants but rarely experiences in real life. I did not have a problem, but feel confident that if I had, it would have been taken care of smoothly. Highly recommended.


Ths fountain is so beautiful! The pictures really don’t do it justice..the glaze is amazing…I love the embossing on the inside walls of the bowl..the pump is very good quality, and the charcoal is a great idea! This is truly a work of art! Such care went into packing this piece as well!


Excellent workmanship. Love the color. Pump is strong so water flows easily and my cats are curious and seem to want to drink more. Great customer service from vendor.


The cats were very curious and loved all the packaging. They are drinking from the fountain. I love the relaxing sound of the water. The directions were very easy to follow and the fountain was ready to go in no time. Mike does very beautiful work and you offer great customer service.

Julie R
Picture was accurate and the fountain matches the description 100%. Order was acknowledged within 24 hours and a notice sent when item was shipped and the entire process took 1 week. Very smooth process and delivery. Item is packed very, very well.
Richard G
My fountain arrived wrapped up safe and sound and in perfect condition! It was SO easy to set up — much easier than other fountains I’ve had in the past. The quality is incredible, and the details are beautiful — this is definitely one of the prettiest fountains I’ve ever seen!
Jennifer Q
I was so excited for my fountain to arrive. Its closed design is something I haven’t seen elsewhere in a ceramic pet fountain. It was packed very carefully and after a few weeks of use I can say with certainty that I love the fountain and it works very well! A nice surprise was that the pump provided is particularly well made. It was a pleasure purchasing from Wet Whiskers because Denise and Mike are so friendly and communicative throughout. Made with love, for my beloved fur-child ;-D
Cheryl I
He absolutely adores his Wet Whiskers Fountain.  We knew he would because he had a crappy plastic fountain from the time we brought him home.  He loves trickling water, and our vet remarked how healthy he was, and that it was great we had a fountain of any kind as it promotes drinking for all pets.  Our issue with the plastic was it got slimy relatively fast, and the operating noise.  Not so with this one, clean and quiet.  And so pretty, we have a condo size space so quiet was important.  Denise tried it for us prior to my purchase to ensure it was going to be what I wanted.  I couldn’t ask for better assistance with deciding.  Toughest choice was which spectacular glaze/color to go with.
Rhonda, Dave, and Earl Grey